From Design Point Definition to 3D CAD in Minutes

Changing The Way Turbomachinery Design Is Done

CFturbo screenshot 1CFturbo is an interactive and user-friendly turbomachinery design software solution. With CFturbo, you can create completely new geometries, as well as modify existing designs. Reverse engineering is supported.

CFturbo guides the user step-by-step through the complete design process of a turbomachine. A first draft can be generated automatically, and in the subsequent design process, the user has control over every detail.

Customers can purchase CFturbo to design and predict efficient turbomachinery, with maintenance, support and training from MSI simulation experts.

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Turbomachinery design is complex, but CFturbo makes it easy. Through its unrivaled, intuitive, and user-friendly design process, CFturbo software empowers every user.



CFturbo can be seamlessly integrated into any product development environment, including 3D CAD, CFD, FEA, and optimization software that you are already familiar with.



To export CFturbo models, direct interfaces to all major simulation codes are available, allowing the user to customize their development tools.

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Start to Finish

CFturbo allows experienced and new users alike to go from a design point to a 3D CAD model, ready for what comes next in your development process.

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3D CAD Model


Rotate, move, and zoom the 3D model

Analysis >_FEA

Configurable, detailed views


Export and import 3D CAD model

Parametric Geometry


Parameters of all design steps available


Parameters can be exported separately


Range limits for parameter variables can be defined


Seamless integration for design exploration or optimization into STAR-CCM+

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Get a head start

Reverse Engineering


Import and replicate existing turbomachinery components


Import existing meridional curves with automatic conversion to Bezier splines


Design blades based on given blade angles at leading and trailing edges, or import meanlines if available


Import blade thickness profiles, airfoils, and hydrofoils

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Compare imported model data with reverse engineered CFturbo file

CFturbo SMP

CFturbo screenshot 5CFturbo SMP is an accurate, fast, user-friendly and affordable solution for flow simulation, based on Simerics MP. It can be used to compute performance curves, efficiency, torque, and shaft power for pumps, blowers, fans, compressors and turbines.

The base code of CFturbo SMP can be extended by a number if options, such as multiphase flows, cavitation, radiation, and fluid-structure coupling.

And, CFturbo SMP is affordable. Prices are competitive compared to other commercial CFD codes. Contact us today to learn more.



Its meshing technology and fast 3D Navier Stokes solver allow transient simulations which ensure accurate predictions.

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Binary tree meshing, state-of-the-art solver technology, and parallel processing give quick solutions - even on laptops and desktop computers.

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The user interface is intuitive, while the most important settings are already pre-configured by CFturbo.

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