MSI Sentry® Automated Diagnostics

Sentry® is an online condition monitoring solution for critical service rotating machinery that provides real time, physics-based diagnostics.  Our physics-based approach is grounded in understanding what is really occurring based on real-time signals from the machine and evaluating these to determine if there is a problem or not. 

Additionally, Sentry® provides a comprehensive environment to interact with sensor signals, perform FFT analysis, compute and trend condition indicators, playback historical data, and track events.

Key Business Benefits


Enables enhanced rotating machinery condition monitoring system with a user-friendly interface that’s customizable for individual solutions.

operational performance

Allows operational performance optimization of machinery systems to monitor efficiency, production rates or other characteristics.


Enhanced condition-based monitoring using automated machinery diagnostic systems for critical rotating machinery and valves.

machine auto diagnostics

Sentry® automated diagnostics goes beyond simple trending and alarming to make a physics-based diagnostic recommendations, accelerating decision-making and keeping the process online.

Technical Features


Automated diagnoses: physics-based understanding of monitored equipment provides automated diagnostic recommendations for a multitude of conditions from imbalance to bearing deterioration.


Machinery types supported: pumps, compressors, motors, generators, gear boxes, turbines, fans, fluid film bearings, roller element bearings, or valves.


Supports multiple types of user with yellow light/red light screens, condition indicators for physics-based measures, easy to understand diagnostic messages, logs, and more.


Recording options include continuous, on demand, on schedule (hourly, daily, weekly), on a set threshold alarm and on speed change.


Trending and diagnostic tools: efficient tracking for a multitude of different diagnostic and real-time operational objectives from blade pass to shaft orbits to ODS data collection.

Connection Technology Center

Easily ties into your current continuous monitoring equipment, or can be supplemented or built from the ground up with a purpose-built suite of sensors.



Diagnostic Advisor and Enhanced Condition Monitoring


A result of defense and commercial investment

Sentry is the culmination of over a decade of development for the U.S. military and several decades of troubleshooting experience by MSI’s staff, who have literally written the book on troubleshooting rotating machinery.


Other Applications

Sentry® can also be used as a platform to build custom monitoring solutions for unique machines and applications.

Further Information and Detail on MSI Sentry®

MSI Sentry® Data Sheet

MSI Sentry® Data Sheet

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