A High-speed Camera and Video Analysis Software Solution

MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification implements technology licensed from a major university in a combined software and hardware solution.

Customers can purchase VibVue®, with maintenance, support and training from MSI vibration experts, to pinpoint problems and self-diagnose the best way to solve them, or hire MSI or a Trained Service Provider, using VibVue® as a service.

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Key Business Benefits

diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics

Faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics enable problems to be pinpointed with more certainty.

pinpoint problem root causes

Enables your reliability and maintenance engineers to pinpoint problem root causes, lower maintenance costs, reduce problem resolution time and machine or plant downtime.

Motion Magnification

Implements Motion Magnification technology licensed from a major university in a combined software and hardware solution supplied and supported by MSI.

Purchase VibVue™ or Hire MSI

Two options: purchase VibVue® to pinpoint problems and self-diagnose solutions or hire an MSI trained VibVue® Service Provider.

Explainer - frame rate vs. resolution

Key Business and Technical Features

Field Testing

Training and support provided by seasoned vibration experts

magnifies motion

Slows down and magnifies motion up to 1,000x


Comprehensively shows pixel-level vibration data with image maps

Detect & display

Detect & display quantitative vibration levels/frequency


Detection and measurement down to 0.1 mils pk-pk at 10’ FOV

Wide frequency range

Wide frequency range from low to >600Hz


Record and display transient "shock-like" processes


PC- based, mobile, portable, no internet needed on site

Less expensive

Less expensive, easier to learn & use than alternatives

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Why Choose VibVue®?

Expertise and Reputation

MSI’s Vibration Engineering Expertise and Reputation

Competing products will always play catchup with one another, but MSI’s 25 years of proven expertise in the vibration field is a sustainable competitive advantage and provides VibVue® training and support from vibration experts.

Purpose-built Technology

Purpose-built Technology

Realizing the benefit of video as a vibration analysis tool, MSI licensed some of the technology within VibVue® from a major technical university to develop the best rotating machinery diagnostic software tool for pinpointing vibration problems faster, better and cheaper.


VibVue® is Just One of Many MSI Tools

VibVue® is just one of many vibration tools MSI has and uses. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to other tools such as ODS. For example, VibVue® is far faster to setup and video than instrument a machine with many accelerometers, but the angle of viewing is critical because video is 2D, whereas ODS is 3D. If you can’t pinpoint your problem with VibVue® alone, MSI support and other tools are just a call away.


Proven Technology

MSI uses VibVue® very successfully in its own testing services as well as supplying to users and accredited vibration specialists. As a result, VibVue® has been widely proven across industries and rotating machine types.


VibVue® Videos of Different Rotating Machine Types

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