Laboratory Testing 

We design and develop prototype and fully instrumented test rigs for conducting machine performance testing and accelerated life testing. For example, our performance testing capabilities are routinely applied to blowers and fans (for certified aerodynamic performance ratings), pumps, and compressors. We use real-time continuous monitoring from a suite of test-specific sensors.

Our blower and fan performance testing motor can provide up to 150 HP and is a variable frequency drive system to accommodate various rotational speeds. We have a remotely operated throttling device to enable measuring performance curves at multiple operating speeds.

A specialty area is third party seeded fault testing to support auto-diagnostic system development. We also do performance testing in the field – see Performance Testing for details.


Capabilities for Successful Laboratory Testing

Lab Testing Services

Test Rig Design and Development

We routinely engineer solutions to ensure accuracy and repeatability, while automating test aspects to effectively isolate variables of interest.

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Extensive Sensor Suite

Up to 300 channels, including torque measurement using strain gauges with RF telemetry, tachometers, pressure transducers, thermocouples, accelerometers, proximity probes, high-speed video, and more.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Our in-house ability to write custom monitoring and test control software enables fast and cost-effective design and execution of test procedures.

Laboratory Testing
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Testing Standards

MSI performs performance testing of blowers and fans, with our laboratory and test methods meeting ANSI/AMCA 210-07 and ANSI/ASHRAE 51-07 standards.


Supplement AMCA Standard

Pressure sensing pitot tubes to supplement AMCA standard for low static head fan applications.

lab space

Laboratory Space

Our laboratory facilities have multiple configurable test cells and can accommodate test rigs over 40 feet long.


MSI In Action

Case Study

Contract Blower and Fan Performance Testing Overview

MSI performs laboratory methods of testing fans for certified aerodynamic performance rating.

Case Study

Solids Handling Pump Repetitive Failure of Bearing and Seal

An engineering construction firm needed help determining the root cause for the repetitive pump bearing and seal failures of a solids handling pump and a solution to eliminate the issue. 

Case Study

Design Assessment Mitigates Risk

A design assessment was carried out in an effort to prevent potential premature bladed disk and impeller fatigue failures of three newly installed critical compressor trains.

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