About TrakVue®

Virtually all rotating equipment will undergo a change in position during start-up and while running that affects the alignment of the shafts due to thermal growth and/or piping pressure loads due to changes in the operating condition of equipment from unloaded to loaded operating points, and/or casing and support counter-reactions to the torque produced by rotors as they function. Quickly and confidently diagnose and resolve the improper alignment these operating conditions cause with the “hands off” and highly accurate (< 0.5 mil, or 13 micron) TrakVue® software.



"The TrakVue® video-based system will be

a game-changer for quickly understanding

the complicated alignment movement which

can cause serious problems in machinery."

John Piotrowski

Turvac, Inc.

Typical Uses

For rotating machinery driver/ driven systems of any speed, horsepower, and size.


Driver machinery that undergoes a change in casing temperature, such as:

  • Electric motors and generators
  • Steam turbines & gas turbines
  • Internal combustion engines
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Speed changers (e.g. gear boxes and fluid drives).

Driven machinery that is pumping or compressing fluid with a significant change in temperature or nozzle loads:

  • Centrifugal or positive displacement compressors
  • Centrifugal or positive displacement pumps
  • HVAC equipment
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Equipment where piping flexure, expansion or contraction induces varying nozzle loads over time.