Field Performance and Dynamic Response Testing

We provide pre-modification performance testing services for older systems prior to replacement, repair, or modifications to characterize current performance. Test results form the basis for recommending repair, retrofit, or replacement, and help set expectations for post-modification performance levels.

We also perform pre-modification mechanical testing services to document the current rotating machinery system’s vibration levels and natural frequencies prior to upgrading or replacing.  Test results are used for dynamic modeling of new or upgraded systems.

Finally, we perform post-installation performance and vibration testing services in new or retrofitted plants, providing 3rd party independent measurements for comparison with contract acceptance criteria.




Advanced Performance-Testing Technologies 


MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification

MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification uses high-speed video to benchmark current behavior and rapidly pinpoint the root cause of vibration or dynamic problems.

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Experimental Modal Analysis

Experimental Modal Analysis (“Impact”) Testing

Determines natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes of the operating machinery system to avoid post-modification resonance issues.

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS)

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Characterization

Measures a rotating system’s vibratory response to operational excitation to provide a baseline reference for system behavior.

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Detailed Efficiency Data

State-of-the-art sensors and techniques are used to collect flow, pressure, and power data, providing an accurate and comprehensive efficiency evaluation.

Lab Testing

Component Performance Testing

We also do performance testing in the lab. Visit our Lab Testing page for details.

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To Validate System Performance

Services_Field Testing and Tourbleshooting and Testing_Field Performance Testing

Acceptance testing of new, replaced, or upgraded machinery systems for efficiency, vibration, and natural frequency separation margin.

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Test existing machines prior to modification to avoid turning a reliable system into a costly resonance challenge.

Services_Testing and Testing_Field Performance Testing

Independent 3rd-party testing to validate performance of entire system from various OEMs’ components.



MSI In Action

Case Study

Contract Blower and Fan Performance Testing Overview

MSI performs laboratory methods of testing fans for certified aerodynamic performance rating.

Case Study

Solids Handling Pump Repetitive Failure of Bearing and Seal

An engineering construction firm needed help in determining the root cause for the repetitive pump bearing and seal failures of a solids handling pump and to provide a solution to eliminate the issue. 

Case Study

Design Assessment Mitigates Risk

A design assessment was carried out in an effort to prevent potential premature bladed disk and impeller fatigue failures of three newly installed critical compressor trains.

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