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Our team routinely travels to customer sites around the United States and the world solving the most difficult problems in critical rotating and reciprocating machinery, including pumps, compressors, turbines, expanders, engines, motors, generators, fans, induced draft fans, blowers, gearbox vibration issues, positive displacement compressors / pumps, fluid drives, bearings, seals, piping & small bore pipe, building vibration, and more. 

You can rely on MSI. Our testing, analysis, design, and support approach is unmatched in the industrial machinery field.

oil and gas extraction

Oil and Gas Industry

MSI understands oil and gas extraction, delivery, and refining, and brings direct assistance to a developing industry.

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Water & Wastewater

We ensure machine vibration and dynamics issues are avoided in new water and wastewater plants and reliably resolved in existing plants.

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Power Generation

MSI understands safe, reliable power generation and brings experienced assistance to a transitioning industry.

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general industry

General Industry

We prevent, or pinpoint, and resolve, difficult vibration or dynamics problems that cause costly rotating machinery downtime across multiple industries.

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MSI Offers Industry-Specific  Expertise

ensuring safety

Power Generation: ensuring safety and reliability of pumps, turbines, and induced draft fans, reliably solving any vibration, dynamics, or performance problems, assisting with transition issues.


Water and wastewater: helping reduce vibration problems at commissioning and over the life of the plant, ensuring correct machinery specifications are used, providing backup when senior staff with vital tribal knowledge retire and are replaced with less experienced engineers.

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Oil and gas: helping ensure safety and reliability of aging plants, correct specifications for new equipment, resolving chronic issues such as small-bore piping vibration and mitigating resonance with changing product and flow rates.

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