Avoiding Unplanned Outages

MSI consultants have served the power generation industry for 25 years, routinely visiting power plants around the United States and the world to troubleshoot vibration issues with critical service rotating machinery to avoid unplanned outages. We help ensure the safety and reliability of pumps, turbines, motors, generators, bearings, gearboxes, and induced draft fans by reliably solving any vibration, dynamics, or performance problems.

MSI also understands and assists with the transitioning issues of the industry, including managing loads (transitioning base load plants to variable load), lowering operation and maintenance costs (the "nuclear promise"), and providing new flow-path designs better matched to current load requirements.

MSI Support for the Power Generation Industry

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Transitioning Base-Loaded Plants to Variable Load

Quantify and remedy load-related transition problems that arise in fossil fuel and nuclear power generators. Modifications often include designing new flowpath hydraulics using CFD.


Nuclear Promise

Reduce operating and maintenance costs by 30% by maintaining safety and identifying problems in-house with VibVue® or with MSI’s more intensive capabilities.

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Field Testing & Vibration Troubleshooting

Fix vibration problems in machines that have operated reliably for decades, but now may have age-related problems such as compromised foundations or base connections.


Revised Flowpath Design

Hydroturbines often need revision of legacy flow-path designs. MSI uses CFD to optimize performance and reduce cavitation.

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Mitigating Safety Issues

MSI helps mitigate safety issues due to equipment failure, which can cause unplanned downtime or injury to personnel.


Supporting Plants Losing Tribal Knowledge

MSI’s seasoned professionals support plants in transition as senior staff with vital tribal knowledge retire and are replaced with less experienced engineers.


MSI In Action

Case Study

Vibration Testing of Two Induced Draft Fans

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) was contracted by a power generation company to solve excessive vibration problems on two newly installed Induced Draft (ID) fans.  

Case Study

Rerate of a Francis Hydro Turbine

MSI was tasked with evaluating a 1920s Francis style hydro-turbine runner in order to replace the aging original ones at a hydropower plant.

Case Study

Solving Gas Turbine Vibration Issues

An aero-derivative gas turbine had a coupling modification, following which high vibration was detected at the power turbine section of the unit, only at idle speed. 

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