Ensuring Reliability and Safety

MSI engineering consultants have served the oil and gas industry for 25 years from upstream to downstream, helping to ensure the safety and reliability of pumps, turbines, fans, compressors, motors, valves, and actuators by reliably solving any vibration, dynamics, or performance problems that are found from extraction to transportation to refining.

MSI engineering consultants have extensive experience working in the demanding environments common to the oil and gas business, and understand and assist with the development issues of the industry, including safety and reliability of aging plants, assisting with specifications for new equipment and plants, resolving chronic issues such as small-bore piping vibration, and helping to mitigate resonance associated with changing product densities and flowrates.

MSI Support for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Safety and Reliability of Aging Plants

Both in terms of the rotating machinery and the staffing issues: senior staff with vital tribal knowledge retiring and being replaced with less experienced engineers.

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Help Preparing Specifications

MSI engineers understand what specifications are needed for new equipment, such as pipeline compressors/pumps and refinery components.

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ISNetworld Approved

MSI is an ISNetworld approved contractor
(Company ID# 400-260729).


Resolving Vibration and Dynamics Issues

MSI engineering consultants routinely resolve machinery vibration problems with pumps, compressors, and turbines, and chronic issues such as small-bore piping vibration


Managing Changing Product

Our design, analysis and field testing work together to mitigate resonance for pipeline components with changing product densities and flow rates


MSI In Action

Case Study

Pre-Commission Analysis of Fin Fan Oil Cooler at a Petroleum Refinery

Execution of an experimental modal analysis which revealed potential resonance issues on a fin fan oil cooler before commissioning at a petroleum refinery.

Case Study

Elimination of Super-Synchronous Pump Vibration

MSI was contacted by a large U.S. pump OEM to perform specialized vibration testing of a single-stage centrifugal pump at their main development facility, ultimately destined for a large petroleum refinery.

Case Study

Upgraded Pipeline Pump Station Exceeds HI Vibration Limits

A recently upgraded pipeline crude oil pump station in Texas was experiencing high vibration levels on its pumps.

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