Field and Lab Testing for Performance and Troubleshooting

Field testing and vibration troubleshooting is essential to finding the problem root cause in all industries using rotating machinery.  Field performance testing is recommended prior to existing equipment replacement, repair, or modifications to characterize current performance. Post-installation performance and vibration testing services in new or retrofitted plants provide measurements for comparison with contract acceptance criteria.

Lab testing includes building fully instrumented test rigs for conducting machine performance testing and accelerated life testing. For example, our capabilities are routinely applied to blowers & fans (for certified aerodynamic performance ratings), pumps, compressors, bearings and seals.

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Field Testing & Troubleshooting

Field-based vibration testing and troubleshooting to find the problem root cause and avoid a costly and chronic trial and error approach to problem solving.

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Field Performance Testing

Performance testing of rotating machinery operating in the field; specialized testing to characterize performance of non-problematic installed machinery systems.

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Lab Testing

Laboratory Testing

Lab testing is routinely applied to a variety of rotating machinery applications including machine performance and accelerated life testing for new and existing products.

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MSI Testing

Why Use MSI for Your Testing?


MSI field and lab testing is established and proven over 25 years of resolving rotating equipment problems and measuring performance.


MSI field and lab personnel are trained specialists in test rig creation, testing and analysis to reliably resolve problems.


MSI's state-of-the-art testing facilities are fully equipped with equipment, sensors, and monitoring, recording, analyzing, and software development tools to accurately test your system.

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