MSI Product Development Capabilities

MSI has extensive experience and expertise building machinery hardware and conducting funded, original research in the vibration field for commercial or government entities. We also offer software development and consulting services for a variety of test and measurement applications.  Whether you’re developing a software product from scratch or need extra resources to meet a deadline or overcome a technical hurdle, we can help. 

We have deep expertise in high-speed video post processing and, as a National Instruments Alliance Partner, have Certified LabVIEW Architects on staff with expertise in software, data acquisition, file management, signal processing, and results presentation.

Turbomachinery Development

Turbomachinery Development

We design, source, assemble, and test custom turbomachinery components and machines. We're also a technical consultant for the turbomachinery fluid dynamics performance analysis and design program CFturbo®.

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Product Development_High Speed Video 3D Spatial Tracking and Services_Field Testing and Troubleshooting_Monitor

High-Speed Video & 3D Spatial Tracking

We offer high-speed video and 3D spatial tracking to characterize, track, and analyze objects in motion for a wide variety of applications.

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Machinery Auto Diagnostics

Machinery Auto Diagnostics

MSI’s engineers are uniquely positioned to lead the industry shift to autonomous machine condition monitoring with custom, physics-based solutions.

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Product Development_Foil Bearings Development

Foil Bearings Development

Our foil bearings offer performance & efficiency unmatched by conventional bearings for high-speed, oil-free turbomachinery systems.

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MSI Solutions 



This solution provides prediction of steady state and transient fluid structure interaction under fluid loads, thermal loads, structural deflection, vibration, and dynamic effects.

Distance Communication Maintenance System

Distance Communication Maintenance System (DCoMS)

DCoMS is the eyes and ears of remote field-based troubleshooting, where secure multiple video feeds, two-way audio and text enable remote and rapid problem resolution.


Galvanic Corrosion ANSYS® Module

This module uses CAD and FEA models to output galvanic corrosion couples, alerting designers to potential corrosion, and enabling design iterations to avoid corrosion problems.

Failure Detection Hardware

GSX™ Blade Failure Detection Hardware and Software

MSI’s patented non-contacting (microwave radar) stress measurement system (NSMS) provides accurate blade vibration, stress, and failure detection for gas and steam turbine blades.

Hardware, Software, and Solutions


Product Development Goals


To help customers achieve their unique and challenging design objectives as efficiently and effectively as we can.


To represent, explain and discuss our findings and recommendations in plain English, avoiding technical jargon mystifying customers.

Product Development_Foil Bearings Development_Impeller

To design optimal components, such as lubrication-free foil bearings that offer performance and efficiency unmatched by conventional bearings for high-speed turbo machinery.

heat pump

To incorporate our system-level approach in all of our designs, such as a heat pump supercharger based on funded research MSI developed a high-speed centrifugal compressor for use in cold climate heat pumps.

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To employ typical and advanced vibration sensors - radar sensors for advanced measurement in compressor and turbine blades, helicopter rotors, cavitation, & ceramic bearings.

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