Specialized Software and Hardware Products

MSI has created a variety of tools that it uses in its testing and analysis services. Some of these advanced technology tools are also available to you for purchase, along with training and support for your reliability and maintenance engineers.

MSI software products include MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification for finding root causes in vibration and dynamics troubleshooting and the Sentry® line of automated machinery diagnostic systems for critical rotating machinery and valves.

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MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification

Enables you to use high-speed video and motion magnification post-processing to pinpoint the root cause of vibration or dynamic problems costing you time and money.

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MSI Sentry® Automated Diagnostics

MSI Sentry® Automated Diagnostics

Enables you to use online condition monitoring of your critical service rotating machinery to obtain realtime, physics-based diagnostics and understand the current operating efficiency of your equipment.

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foil bearings

Lubrication-free foil bearings offer performance and efficiency unmatched by conventional bearings for high-speed turbo machinery.

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Ultra-small high-speed centrifugal compressors for various HVAC applications, including cold climate heat pumps and low-GWP refrigerant systems.

vibration sensors

Typical and advanced vibration sensors - radar sensors for advanced measurement in compressor and turbine blades, helicopter rotors, cavitation, & ceramic bearings.

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