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About AlphaVue™

AlphaVue™ is an optical tracking software tool, which enables users to capture and track different objects in videos. Tracked objects can be of any shape, form or color; they can even have highly dynamic and fast changing geometries. AlphaVue™ automatically tracks and triangulates target positions in 3-D space, which are referenced to a user-selected reference frame. As an option, AlphaVue™ is also capable of determining and tracking target’s attitude, including roll, pitch and yaw angles. AlphaVue™ works with most common video formats and cameras, including high-speed and high-resolution cameras.




2-D Object Tracking

  • Unknown, highly dynamic shapes
  • Multi-target automated capture
  • Standard digital video input




3-D Position Tracking

  • Automatic target triangulations
  • Trajectory (XYZ) coordinates
  • Referencing to GPS coordinates




6-D Position & Attitude Tracking

  • Yaw, roll and pitch angles
  • Custom CAD target models
  • Extendable to 6-D+ tracking


Remote Optical Sensing

  • Rich source of data
  • Reliable source of 3DOF and
    6DOF test data
  • Accurate measurements for:
    position, attitude, shape, event
    timing, etc


  • Zero to an expert in 1 hour
  • Simple & easy to use graphical interface
  • Mostly automated processing & analysis

Built for Continuous Development

  • Verified and actively used by multiple customers
  • New features and capabilities are constantly added
  • Customer inputs and requests are welcomed

Use Cases

Commercial Market

  • Automotive crash testing
  • Sporting events ball tracking
  • Training tool for athletes

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Defense Market

  • Egress testing
  • Rocket sled testing
  • Missile/hypersonic testing
  • Bomb store separation
  • Counter-measures evaluation
  • Smart embedded targeting sensors
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