MSI performs laboratory methods of testing fans for certified aerodynamic performance rating.  Below are examples and a description of our test facility capabilities.

  • Ability to meet guidelines per ANSI/AMCA 210-07 & ANSI/ASHRAE 51-07
  • Drive system/motor up to 150 HP available
  • Variable frequency drive system to accommodate various fan speeds
  • Remote operated throttling device to obtain multiple speed performance curves
  • Facility can accommodate test rigs over 40 feet
  • Up to a 300 channel LabView data acquisition system
  • Direct torque measurement radio frequency telemetry system using strain gauges
  • Full suite of pressure and temperature transducers including Bentley Nevada proximity probes for rotor axial and radial vibration monitoring system
  • Pressure sensing pitot tubes to supplement AMCA standard for low static head fan applications
  • Capability to obtain circumferential and axial velocity components
  • Real-time continuous vibration monitoring employing accelerometers.



CAD models of an AMCA standard test set-up shown side-by-side to illustrate relative size
(24-inch axial-flow fan above, 13-inch mixed-flow fan below).



Standard Instrumentation and Health Monitoring Approach for Fan Testing.



View of fully installed test rig with remote operated throttling device.



View Depicting Remote Operated Throttling Device.



View of fan discharge showing pressure sensing pitot tubes to supplement standard for low static head fan applications.



View Depicting Flow Conditioner.



View of a 24” shrouded axial-flow fan integrally machined from Aluminum billet.


View of an 18” 6000 RPM Low Noise Fan Sub-assembly Installed on a Drive Motor Base.


MSI In Action

Case Study

Driveshaft Failures in Mine Slurry Raw Water Service Pumps Cured

A major pump OEM called on MSI to help resolve multiple pump driveshaft failures for an ore mining company in East Africa.

Case Study

Simulating the Performance of a Spinal Implant

A manufacturer of an innovative spinal implant approached MSI for help in assessing the implant’s structural integrity.

Case Study

Dynamic Analysis of a Street Sweeper for the Manufacturer

To identify potential opportunities for early bearing failure, MSI performed experimental modal analysis (EMA) and operational deflection shape (ODS) tests on a prototype unit for the manufacturer.