A municipality receiving its water supply from a high elevation spring sought to replace an energy wasting pressure reducing valve with a hydro turbine.  MSI was tasked with designing the turbine to capture power over a challenging range of operating conditions.

A Francis style hydro turbine was chosen as a design normally well-suited for varying flows, but generally less effective with variations in head pressure. The challenge was to come up with a single turbine capable of high efficiency for both current and future head conditions.

Francis-style-hydroturbine-pressure-profile-1024x606 MSI's custom-designed Francis style hydro turbine predicted excellent performance over a wide range of operating conditions

After extensive iterative design and analysis consisting of finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), MSI developed a runner with high efficiency across the operating range of head and flow pressures.  Cavitation was also a concern, given the wide operating range.  The model predicted cavitation would not be a problem, and the turbine performed as expected.

Francis-style-hydroturbine-runner-manufactured1                                The runner performed as expected with high efficiency and without cavitation


MSI In Action

Case Study

Driveshaft Failures in Mine Slurry Raw Water Service Pumps Cured

A major pump OEM called on MSI to help resolve multiple pump driveshaft failures for an ore mining company in East Africa.

Case Study

Simulating the Performance of a Spinal Implant

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Case Study

Dynamic Analysis of a Street Sweeper for the Manufacturer

To identify potential opportunities for early bearing failure, MSI performed experimental modal analysis (EMA) and operational deflection shape (ODS) tests on a prototype unit for the manufacturer.