Dynamic Analysis of a Street Sweeper for the Manufacturer

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  • September 29, 2016

To identify potential opportunities for early bearing failure, MSI performed experimental modal analysis (EMA) and operational deflection shape (ODS) tests on a prototype unit for the manufacturer.  The results showed locations where increased stiffness would extend bearing life.

Dynamic Analysis of a Street Sweeper

  • Problem Statement (Challenge)
    • What (type of machine): Street Sweeper
    • Where (State/ Country): Illinois
    • Why (problem/reason): Identify modes that could cause premature bearing failures
  • Work Performed
  • Results/ Solution
    • Findings: Mode was identified within 15% of 2x engine running speed, represented a significant risk of resonance condition that could result in vibration related bearing reliability issues.
    • Impact: Addition of cladding was recommended to increase the separation margins from the operating speed to values greater than 15%. The proposed modifications provide a practical level of protection relative to vibration related bearing reliability issues.
Operating Deflection Shape ODS MEscope Model of a Street Sweeper

ODS model created in MEscope.

Operating Deflection Shape ODS Animation of a Street Sweeper

Click on image to animate.