Design, Analyze, and Build a Prototype Radial Gas Turbine

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  • August 20, 2015

MSI was tasked with designing a prototype high speed radial gas turbine to operate at 40,000 RPM with R-134a as the working fluid. The goal was to produce 20 HP with a compact turbine and integrated generator unit.The entire effort was completed in roughly eight months, and featured in-depth CFD and FEA analyses to optimize the design before building the prototype. Using rapid CNC machining, the unit was built within two months of design completion.

Design Goal

  • Produce 20 HP
  • Running Speed of 40,000 RPM
  • Working Fluid R-134a
  • Flow Rate of 33 CFM

Gas Turbine Design Work FlowGas Turbine CAD AssemblyGas Turbine Assembly Front ViewGas Turbine Assembly ModalTurbine Impeller Scale