Why Are MSI's Troubleshooting & Testing Services Needed - Part  1?

By Eric Olson

Occasionally we are asked, "Can't I throw a rock and hit several qualified and more local vibration consultants?" In fact, yes, you typically can, although we're not advocating throwing rocks at them! And we know they are there, because we often work very closely with these local vibration consultants, who are either employees of the company we're helping, or other independent consultants brought in to help. Many times they can solve the problem at hand without MSI, and several are experts at determining early on if MSI is needed or not.

MSI's reputation and much of it's business involves solving complex rotating machinery system problems. We're typically using specialized testing and advanced analysis, along with our decades of experience, to recommend and justify a practical solution to what is often a chronic problem that has previously been left unsolved. So why is there a need for MSI-level of problem solving capabilities for nearly the past 30 years?


MSI's co-founder and CEO, Bill Marscher, is the prototypical MSI troubleshooting engineer, equally comfortable with new machine design and analysis as he is with the latest specialized field testing methods (and he's developed his fair share of those!). Bill is also responsible for driving our system-level approach to rotating machinery problem-solving. Maki Onari, MSI's President, is Bill's protégé, and is capable of utilizing all of our various test methods for diagnosis, and our analysis methods for identifying solutions. And there are many more experts in various domains among our team.

This holistic approach is important, as redesigning some machinery component or a system feature is often needed to implement a solution.   Part 2 of this blog provides additional information.


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