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CFD Analysis of a Low Head Propeller Turbine with Comparison to Experimental Data

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (MSI) was contracted to perform several CFD analyses of an axial hydroturbine, with the purpose of validating the experimental data obtained by a hydroturbine test loop. MSI employed two CFD codes, ANSYS CFX and STAR-CCM+, which were used to conduct several transient analyses, three of which are detailed in this paper. The results of the transient analyses revealed good correlation between the numerical predictions and the experimental data.

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Dramatic Vibration Improvement to Ring-Section Pump

This presentation, given at the 26th International Pump Users Symposium in 2010, describes how MSI used Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Characterization to solve a vibration issue with a Ring-Section Pump. Using advanced troubleshooting techniques, MSI was able to recommend modifications to the baseplate that greatly reduced the vibration level.

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Simulation of the Francis-99 Hydro Turbine During Steady and Transient Operation

In this Institute of Physics Journal of Physics article, the authors compare analytical computational fluid dynamics (CFD) results to experimental results. Numerical predictions of the Francis-99 hydroturbine using the commercial CFD code STAR-CCM+ correlate well with experiment. Net head, discharge, runner torque and hydraulic efficiency all correlate closely with experimentally observed values. Nearly all quantities are predicted within 3.5% of the experimental observation.

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