Dr. Sergey V. Frolov

As Director of Software Engineering at MSI, Dr. Frolov is heading the VibVue® product development and other computer vision projects. He brings over 20 years of experience leading research and development of products and technologies in different areas. His expertise spans several industries, including software development, aerospace, renewable energy, broadband communications and semiconductor manufacturing.

Prior to joining MSI, Dr. Frolov led product development of solar-powered unmanned aircraft and related programs at Sunlight Aerospace. He also designed and implemented a new flight control system for autonomous formation flight at high altitudes. Before that, he was the VP of Sunlight Photonics where he created and patented new high-efficiency thin-films solar cells and other renewable power systems. Before Sunlight, Dr.Frolov was the Director of Device Design at Inplane Photonics, leading optical design efforts in integrated planar lightwave circuits and waveguide amplifiers. Prior to Inplane, Dr. Frolov worked at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies as a principal researcher and a member of technical staff. He led studies of optical and electronic processes in novel materials using various advanced spectroscopic tools such as ultrafast laser spectroscopy. Dr. Frolov holds an MS degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a PhD degree in Physics from the University of Utah. He has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications and currently holds over 60 US patents.