MSI performs design and comprehensive analysis of centrifugal and axial compressors of all sizes and horsepower.  Markets served include energy, oil & gas, aerospace & defense, and automotive, among others.  MSI performs 3-D finite element analysis of stress, deflection, and vibration.  CFD is used to perform aerodynamics evaluation from meanline performance analysis to complex analyses of primary and secondary flow fields through all stationary and rotating components.  Detailed experimental evaluations can also be performed in the field or in MSI’s laboratory test rigs.  Testing capabilities include performance and efficiency quantification, nozzle load stresses, rotor pressure and stress oscillation as reported by multi-channel telemetry, vibration modal testing and vibration operating deflection shapes (ODS) testing.

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Featured Case Study

Failure Analysis of a Compressor Impeller

MSI was contracted by a customer to investigate a series of blade cracking problems in a compressor impeller. An FEA model of the impeller was created to perform a natural frequency modal analysis.

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