Your Rotating Machinery Vibration and Dynamics Challenges Reliably

Your Rotating Machinery Vibration and Dynamics Challenges Reliably Resolved

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Test, Analyze, Solve, and Design

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Field-Based Testing and Troubleshooting

Benefit from sophisticated field-testing to measure problems, find the root cause, and validate computer models.

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Analyze to Find the Real Problem

Take advantage of the more than $2M invested in our state-of-the-art design, analysis, and testing tools.

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Design the Problem Fix or Optimize Performance

Achieve right first-time-every-time resolution of problems to optimize performance and prove proposed solutions.

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Solutions to Lower Your Maintenance Costs

Lower your maintenance costs with our custom-created tools, training, and support.

"My firm recommendation is to engage one of the world's most prominent specialist firms, Mechanical Solutions of Whippany, NJ.  MSI uses advanced instrumentation and is staffed by about 10 experts.  Their diagnoses are exact - no guessing involved.  Their reports are fast, complete, and include clear direction on how to remedy the situation."

Heinz Bloch

Independent Consultant, Author

MSI VibVue® Motion Magnification

VibVue® is a camera and video software solution for faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics problems. It helps lower maintenance costs by enabling your reliability and maintenance engineers to pinpoint the root cause of the vibration or dynamic problems costing you time and money.LongFormVideoPlaceholder



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Our Services


Testing and Troubleshooting

Avoid the trial and error approach with sophisticated testing techniques to measure problems, validate computer models, and find the root cause.


Analysis to Find the Real Problem

MSI has more than $2M invested in state-of-the-art design, analysis, and testing tools and techniques to understand root causes of problems.


Design to Fix and Optimize Performance

MSI designs solutions to fix vibration problems and to develop specific hardware or machinery based on MSI’s proven expertise or funded new research in a range of applications.


Major Industries We Serve

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Power Generation

We help to ensure the safety and reliability of pumps, turbines and induced draft fans by reliably solving any vibration, dynamics, or performance problems. We understand and assist with transition issues including transitioning base load plants to variable load plants, lowering maintenance costs per the nuclear promise and updating to new flowpath designs.

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Water & Wastewater

MSI ensures machine vibration and dynamics issues are avoided in new water and wastewater plants and reliably resolved in existing plants. We understand and contribute to new industry standards, creating correct specifications and troubleshooting.

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Oil & Gas

MSI helps ensure the safety and reliability of pumps, compressors and other rotating machinery by reliably solving any vibration, dynamics, or performance problems, and brings direct assistance to a developing industry including the safety and reliability of aging plants and correct specifications for new equipment and plants.

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The Costs of Inaction on Rotating Machine Problems

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"Installed" Problem Costs

Ensure new equipment, once installed, will work as planned with a system-level design assessment.

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Lost Production Costs

Possibly including buying production or supply (e.g. electricity) elsewhere

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Lost Time and Confidence

Choose the right consultant with confidence; don’t have ‘do-overs’ with multiple consultants

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Endangered Safety

For workers, the public, or a plant due to failure

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Unnecessary Maintenance Costs

Don’t simply repair more often; fix it once and for all.

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Lost Reputation or Bad Publicity

Brand damage, Time Magazine cover, even your job


MSI In Action

Case Study

Solids Handling Pump Repetitive Failure of Bearing and Seal

An engineering construction firm needed help in determining the root cause for the repetitive pump bearing and seal failures of a solids handling pump and to provide a solution to eliminate the issue. 

Case Study

Design Assessment Mitigates Risk

A design assessment was carried out in an effort to prevent potential premature bladed disk and impeller fatigue failures of three newly installed critical compressor trains.

Case Study

Development of a Prototype Vacuum Blower

A major aerospace equipment supplier/manufacturer needed to design and prototype an FAA-approved vacuum generator for use on commercial aircraft.

We’re energized by problems! Let us reliably solve yours. 

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