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Nursing an Unreliable Boiler Feed Pump Back to Health


This Sound and Vibration article explains the benefit of modal evaluation while the machine is running, and provides a real world example of how MSI does it. An electric power generating plant located in the Northeastern U.S. had suffered through chronic boiler feed pump failures for eight years due to modulated-load operation. Rather than replacing the rotor element with a new, custom design, MSI got to the bottom of the real problem.

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Repetitive Shaft Crack Failure Analysis in a Nuclear Power Plant


Several attempts pursued by a plant and their supplier, over the years, did not find the root cause of a shaft cracking problem, in spite of the good troubleshooting procedures and careful installation practices pursued. Therefore, an exceptionally comprehensive root cause investigation was implemented, with specialty vibration testing at its core.

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How Plant Rotating Equipment Resonance Issues Can Affect Reliability and Uptime


Detecting the cause of machinery vibration can sometimes prove elusive. If you have had your switchgear fail due to exciter bolt tension, or have ever sought to diagnose high vibration levels that have appeared with no apparent cause, or come and go in seemingly random intervals, or have always exceeded their twin machine that is “the same,” you may have encountered resonance.

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Advanced Gas Foil Bearing Design for Supercritical CO₂ Power Cycles


As new commercial applications arise for supercritical CO₂ (sCO₂) power generation, and higher output and efficiencies are achieved through higher turbine inlet pressures and temperatures, the need to improve component technologies becomes essential. Traditionally lubricated and cooled oil bearings cannot tolerate the higher temperatures, and the higher pressures make keeping the oil separate from the working fluid an increasingly difficult challenge.

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A Specialized Testing Method to Resolve Problems in Gas Turbines


Aeroderivative gas turbines are used to drive LNG compressors. This article describes a problem solving process used to address a turbine problem that was introduced as part of a coupling retrofit. The specialized testing and analysis techniques are applicable to compressors, as well as other system components (heat exchangers, fractionation towers, etc.) used in LNG facilities…

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An End-User’s Guide to Centrifugal Pump Rotordynamics


This tutorial outlines the basics of pump rotordynamics in a form that is intended to be Machinery End User friendly. Pump rotordynamic problems, including the bearing and seal failure problems that they may cause, are responsible for a significant amount of the maintenance budget and lost-opportunity cost at many refineries and electric utilities.

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Weaving In and Out – Innovative Turbine Blade Cooling Concept

Turbine Blade Cooling Concept

Turbines need to run at very high temperatures to reduce fuel burn, but they require internal cooling to maintain structural integrity and meet service-life requirements. Engineers used simulation to evaluate state-of-the-art turbine-blade cooling-channel geometries and developed an innovative geometry that outperforms existing designs.

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