Edward Bennett, Ph.D.

Edward Bennett

As MSI’s VP of Fluids Engineering, Dr. Bennett is experienced in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), new product development, and has been deeply involved in many major rotating machinery programs. Prior to joining MSI, he served as the Director of Turbopump Assembly Design and Analysis at GenCorp Aerojet, where he was responsible for establishing the internal design and analysis methodology for turbopumps. He also established the Pump Performance Methodology that is the basis of the US Air Force’s upper stage engine technology (USET) rocket turbopump program. During preceding tenures at Concepts NREC, AEA Technologies (now ANSYS/CFX), Fluent Inc. (now ANSYS/Fluent), Impact Technologies, Conmec (now a division of GE), and Coppus Murray Engineering Company, Dr. Bennett developed many pump, turbine, compressor systems that have been required to operate with high efficiencies and related stringent requirements. His design methodology is used by companies around the world, and he lectures widely on these subjects. He graduated from the Naval Academy, and holds a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics from Johns Hopkins University. In 2009, Dr. Bennett received ASME’s prestigious Gopalakrishnan Award for Fluids Engineering. He is currently the Associate Technical Editor for the Journal of Fluids Engineering (ASME).