VibVue 3.0 Release: High-speed Camera & Video Analysis Solution

By Chad Pasho

VibVue® 3.0 is here! This feature packed update includes some significant changes to help you do your video vibration analysis even better and faster, and has some user-requested enhancements to make the tool even easier to use. Contact Us if you’d like to learn more about VibVue®.

Check out what’s new:
  1. Time Domain – Time Domain is here! You asked, and we listened.  VibVue® is capable of doing analysis and magnification in the time domain as well as the frequency domain.  Now you can understand transient behavior in addition to steady-state vibration.

    1. Analysis – The same pixel-level analysis you've come to love, but now with time waveforms in addition to FFT's.
    2. Magnification – Frequency-filtered, noise-reduced time domain magnified videos.  All with the ease-of-use you expect.
    3. Reporting – VibVue® Pro users will also get time domain data in convenient report form.
  2. Improved Magnification –We're always finding ways to make magnification and processing even better.
  3. Improved Chart Interface – Intuitive controls help you quickly interact with your chart data.
  4. Usability Enhancements - We've added a variety of features in order to enhance the user experience.

    1. MP4 – Export videos as mp4's for quick and easy sharing, including on LinkedIn.
    2. Analysis Tree – Keep better track of your increasing analysis options.
    3. Line Frequency Management – Let's face it, sometimes plant lighting affects your analysis.  We provide some handy tools to help deal with it.

Check out the full video on our latest features (8 mins)!

What is Motion Magnification


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