VibVue® Version 4.0 Release: Vibration Analysis & Motion Magnification

By Peter Lazzaro

VibVue® Version 4.0
 has a new user-friendly GUI, additional features, and new functionality. This is VibVue®'s biggest update – ever! Significant software improvements enable continuous advancements for future updates. 

Some key improvements and new additions include:

  1. Brand-new, user-friendly interface
  2. Support for processing multi-scene projects and multi-video scenes
  3. Automatic video processing post-recording
  4. Auto-Analyze feature automatically selects and analyzes frequencies of interest (FOI’s) after recording
  5. Quick and advanced camera settings tabs for simplicity or customizability
  6. Video adjustment sliders for brightness, contrast, speed, and Motion Magnification to customize the look of videos when viewing and exporting as MP4 or in reports
  7. Option for directional motion vector arrows
  8. Annotations features to add overlaid text and markings on videos
  9. Synchronous video playback option where all open videos play side-by-side synchronously
  10. New interface options including a Dark Theme, Field Mode, Slim View, and maximize options button
  11. Enhanced performance and utilization
  12. Software-based license registration for convenience, with hardware key as an optional add-on

In version 4.0, there are now four (4) levels of software licensing options available - VibVue® Pro, Lite, Analysis Pro, and Analysis Lite. VibVue® Lite replaces the formerly known VibVue® Standard. VibVue® Analysis Pro and Analysis Lite are new, more affordable license options that forego acquisition capabilities but provide existing users of VibVue® Pro and VibVue® Lite another option to access existing projects and utilize analysis tools and feature sets of VibVue® Pro and Lite, respectively. VibVue® Pro and VibVue® Analysis Pro now support multi-scene projects and multi-video scenes to simplify workflows. Quick and advanced camera recording options are added to capture high-quality videos easily. Directional motion vector arrows are now included in all versions to show the direction and magnitude of movement in selected regions.


All your favorite tools from previous versions have been retained and improved in Version 4.0. Even without expertise in vibration, you can use VibVue® Version 4.0 effectively. Our software simplifies video data into clear videos, graphs, and charts. The new Auto-Analyze feature allows you to set the frequencies, hit record, and sit back while VibVue® does the work for you.  

Special acquisition and analysis features exclusive to VibVue® Pro include: 

  1. Revamped modal (triggered averaging) feature
  2. Automated report generation in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF formats
  3. Expanded ISO 10816 charts with different vibration units
  4. Enhanced time domain processing features
  5. Relative phase color map
  6. Support for up to four (4) trainees during MSI training session
  7. Early and exclusive access to additional Pro features in future updates
The automated reporting feature is a game-changer. With a click of a button, you can consolidate all the data captured/analyzed in your project into one convenient PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF file. All data is presented in clean, easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and videos. A PowerPoint template can be selected as a default for all reports generated through VibVue® Pro.  

Export Feature

MSI’s development team is continuously working on bringing new features and tools to the VibVue® product line to improve customers’ troubleshooting capabilities and workflows. This latest update allows MSI to build on top of the framework of version 4.0, and we are committed to rolling out more updates throughout the year. Ensure you have an active VibVue® M&S plan with us to receive an update to version 4.0 and any subsequent updates within your support window. You will also gain access to software customer support and expert reviews of VibVue® video data by MSI's industry-leading vibration troubleshooting engineers.

MSI will begin offering upgrade training in June if you’re interested in getting hands-on training and learning about what’s new in VibVue® 4.0 compared to version 3.2 or previous versions. Web-based training sessions will be available for users of VibVue® 3.2 transitioning over to version 4.0. We also offer in-person training for full-day or two-day sessions, which can be held at your company site or facilities.

VibVue® cameras and software have transformed how customers monitor and test vibrating equipment. Using each camera pixel as a non-invasive “accelerometer” users can deploy millions of measurement points quickly and efficiently. Motion Magnification technology, based on algorithms published by MIT researchers, reveals discrete vibration patterns invisible to the naked eye. But VibVue® is more than just a visual aid; it’s a comprehensive measuring tool designed to analyze vibration data thoroughly. MSI’s team of experts and thought leaders in the industry have contributed to developing of VibVue® 4.0 software.    

MSI is very pleased to share this news and the latest version of our VibVue® software with you. We also look forward to seeing our customers using it in the field soon.



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