Turbonetics (TEI) Turbine

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As part of this recent acquisition, MSI is establishing an office in Albany, NY and is expanding its corporate platform to include a new business unit that will support new equipment sales and installations of the Turbonetics Turbine / Generator sets, as well as replacement parts production and the servicing of current Turbonetics machines. Unique radial steam turbines which offer comparatively small size and high efficiency versus traditional steam turbine designs, Turbonetics machines already operate in a number of facilities today.

Each Turbonetics turbine / generator set will recover 1-3 Megawatts of electricity from otherwise wasted steam. Relatively inexpensive to install, these systems typically will result in a net positive economic return within one year after operation of the new set begins, and approximately $500,000 in annual savings thereafter through the typical continued operation of the Turbonetics set.

Widespread use of this machinery would have a substantial impact on energy consumption throughout the national electric power grid. Further, as Turbonetics machines already are operational, these significant benefits can be realized without the costly and time-consuming process of developing new technology.

For further information, please contact Charlie Prisco at 973-326-9920, ext. 119.


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