ANSYS Workbench Mechanical Pro Tip

By Bill Kelly

Here's a pro tip for ANSYS Workbench users.  I’d like to highlight an issue regarding the legend on contour plots in the Mechanical Application.  It is covered in the ANSYS Help Documentation, but I’m sure that many users are not aware of it, and it could affect your results post-processing. 

There are specific circumstances that lead to the colors on a contour plot to be incorrect, and it may not be obvious to you(!)  It only occurs when the legend is customized by manually entering values, and those values result in intervals that are significantly smaller than the full maximum-minimum range.  This may not happen very often, but it does now and then.

For example, imagine you have a localized stress riser, since a displacement constraint was placed at a node or an edge.  The maximum stress at that location could be extremely high, but it is not in an area of interest, so it’s no big deal.  This will lead to a stress contour plot that lacks resolution, since by default the legend covers the full stress range.  Manually setting the legend values to tighter intervals may affect the colors such that they do not represent the proper stress levels. 

ANSYS has provided a fix for this, the so-called “High Fidelity” plot, accessed by right-clicking on the legend.  The problem is that the user may not realize that the colors in the contour plot do not correctly reflect the ranges in the legend.  BEWARE of this pitfall!  You do not want to issue a report with such a gremlin in there.

ANSYS legend trap



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